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A Short Prayer for Peace

A Short Prayer for Peace Lord, I come before you ready to pour out my worries, anxieties, and fears at Your feet. I am claiming and declaring Your promises for blessings of peace and strength over my life. Bring peace into my soul that passes all worldly understanding...

Meditation & Message Service

Meditation & Message Service This Friday, October 21st, 7 PM Little Falls Location Come and enjoy a healing meditation and receive a message or two. Please call to reserve your seat!  551-404-5753

September Schedule

Affirmation:  Today’s Affirmation: "I lovingly detach from old connections that no longer match my energetic frequency. I look forward to the divinely guided friendships, partnerships, and relationships that are making way into my life now."  The Love Concept class...

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  • Part 1 – Ipsum dolor sit amet consectetur adipiscing elit
  • Part 2 – Phasellus malesuada nibh
  • Part 3 – Feugiat ipsum facilisis finibus ornare.

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